IBO Player – Best IPTV Player for Smart TVs

ibo player guide

ibo player guide

IBO Player – Best IPTV Player for Smart TVs

Ibo Player has become a well-known media player in the IPTV space, attracting movie lovers, TV series fans and sports enthusiasts. This versatile platform is changing how we enjoy media by giving users complete control over their viewing experience. It is important to note that Ibo Player is only used as a media player and does not provide any content or playlists directly. (beware of iptv providers under IBO player name!)

Main Takeaways : 

  • IBO Player popular among movie, TV, and sports fans.
  • Two versions: classic and Pro with a modern interface.
  • Streams IPTV content; doesn’t provide content directly.
  • Supports various video/audio formats.
  • Compatible with smartphones to smart TVs.
  • Features user-friendly design and customization.
  • IPTV content access requires a subscription.
  • Reseller program available for IPTV reseller.
  • Beware of fraudulent activation or subscription offers.
  • Beware of the IBO player websites and apps.
  • IBO Player’s lifetime activation costs $10.

Classic Ibo Player and Ibo Player Pro

Before we go further we should be aware that there are two type of IBO player, the classic old version their website is at

and the new version called IBO player pro you and their website is at

They are the same pretty much, but IBO player pro has a more modern user interface unlike the older version, you might not find the newer version on older TVs.

This article will cover the older version of IBO player (But the same process can be applied to IBO player pro)

Learn about Ibo player features and compatibility

Ibo Player is an excellent media player. Streaming media from various sources, such as online platforms, local storage, and IPTV services, makes it easy. Its immense popularity stems from its extensive support for numerous video and audio formats, making it easier for users to enjoy their favourite content. Ibo Player’s universal compatibility makes it an extremely flexible option today.

Although Ibo Player itself does have playlists or subscriptions, it allows us to access IPTV content through trusted providers. For example, XtremeHD IPTV UK offers a range of solid IPTV subscriptions at good prices. with full walk through setup process.

Features of Ibo Player

The main features of Ibo Player include:

– Wide Format Support: Ibo Player can handle various video and audio formats, showing its adaptability and meeting the needs of different users.

– Device Compatibility: Ibo Player supports various devices, from smartphones to smart TVs, ensuring your entertainment accompanies you seamlessly on all gadgets.

– User-Friendly Design: The player is designed for ease of use, making it easier for users to explore and access content.

– Customization Options: With customizable settings, Ibo Player lets you tailor your viewing to your liking, from screen adjustments to sound settings.


Please remember that Ibo Player is a media player. IPTV content requires a subscription to a service like XtremeHD to ensure a rich and enjoyable viewing experience.

Become an Ibo Player Reseller


Participation in the Ibo Player Reseller Program provides opportunities for business growth and profit by selling Ibo Player Pro application activation codes alongside your IPTV reselling business.

If you need more information on IBO player reselling send us a message on WhatsApp by pressing here : WhatsApp


Avoid scams

Be wary of fraudulent websites claiming to offer Ibo player activation or subscription. Ibo Player rejects all transactions conducted through such scams and emphasizes the importance of using official channels for all purchases and activations.

Original Ibo Player Site


Ibo Player Compared to Other IPTV Apps

There is not much difference to other IPTV apps; they all do one thing: play the content from the IPTV provider; changing apps won’t make a lot of difference in your viewing experience! There are many good apps including IBO player, our favourite one and it’s the one we give to our clients is hot iptv, we wrote an article on it if you are interested check here : HOT IPTV

There is also other apps like : SmartOne IPTV, NetIPTV , SS IPTV, SMART IPTV


How to upload your playlist on IBO PLAYER

First of all you go on their official site at

Choose manage playlists

mac address ibo player

You will asked to add a mac address and a device key, these information you get after setting up IBO player on your smart tv (If you do not know how, you will just go on your smart tv app store look up ibo player and install it)

ibo player mac address

Exactly like its shown on this image above

Once you are logged in

ibo player dashboard


Select “Add Playlist” and input the M3U link provided by your provider, for instance:

Then, assign a name to your playlist — this can be any name of your choice.

Click Save

Return to the application on your TV, restart it, and everything should be set up correctly.

Ibo Player Pricing

Ibo player offers a 7 days trial , after the trial period is ended you will be requested to go and pay for it

To activate your device simply go on :

ibo player activation

ibo player activation 10

The Ibo player is available for a lifetime activation at a cost of $10. (If you are looking for a free app found on smart TVs app store, check IPTV Smarters pro)

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