How To Use Iptv In Kodi – 2024

How To Use IPTV in Kodi

IPTV (Internet Protocol television) is a digital television service that uses internet protocol to stream video content. It is considered as the most popular way of streaming live TV channels and on-demand content. Kodi, on the other hand, is an open-source media player software, which enables users to access various types of digital media such as movies, TV shows, music, and more.

The use of IPTV with Kodi can offer users a broader range of content to enjoy with just one device. In this guide, we will be discussing how to use IPTV in Kodi.

Getting Started with Kodi

Before you can use IPTV with Kodi, you will need to download and install Kodi on your device. Kodi is available on a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Once you have installed Kodi, you will need to enable unknown sources to allow installation of third-party add-ons. You can do this by going to the “settings” option on Kodi’s home screen, selecting “system settings,” and then navigating to the “add-ons” tab. From there, you will have the option to enable unknown sources.

Installing a Kodi Add-on for IPTV

After enabling unknown sources, you can now proceed to install a Kodi add-on to allow you to stream IPTV content. There are several add-ons available to choose from, and the most popular IPTV add-ons include Live TV, cCloud TV, and GoodFella’s.

To install a Kodi add-on for IPTV, you need to follow these steps:

1. Launch Kodi and click on the “gear” icon at the top left corner of the screen to access the System menu

2. Click on “File Manager” and then select “Add Source”

3. Enter the URL of the repository that contains the add-on you want to install and name it accordingly

4. Return to the home screen and click on “Add-ons”

5. Click on the “box” icon on the top left-hand corner to open the package installer and select “Install from zip file”

6. Navigate to the repository you added in step 3 and select it

7. Once the installation is complete, you will see a pop-up notification on your screen.

8. Click on the “install from repository” option, select the repository you just installed, and select the IPTV add-on you want to install.

Configuring IPTV in Kodi

Once you have installed your IPTV add-on in Kodi, you will need to configure it properly before you can start streaming. Here are the steps to follow:

1. Launch Kodi and click on the “add-ons” tab on the home screen

2. Select the IPTV add-on you installed and click on the “settings” option

3. Enter the relevant details such as the server address, username, password, and port in the configuration page.

4. Save the changes and return to the home screen.


Now that you have learned how to use IPTV in Kodi, you can access a vast array of content from various parts of the world with ease. It is crucial to ensure that you are using a VPN service while streaming IPTV content, as some of the content may be geo-restricted or blocked in your country. VPN services can also help protect your online privacy and security while streaming.

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