Discover Top 5 Free Non-Streaming Apps for Fire Stick

top 5 Free Non-Streaming Apps


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DateApr 15, 2024
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Top 5 Free Useful Apps for Your Fire Stick Beyond Streaming Streaming apps dominate the talk on our channel, covering both free and paid choices across numerous videos available in our playlists. Today, however, we change focus to introduce the top five free apps for your Fire Stick that might have flown under your eye.

These apps are not directly related to streaming but are equally useful for improving your Fire Stick experience. If you’re new here, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button below, and let’s dive into these lesser-known gems you can find straight on the Amazon App Store.

1. Def Squid: A Multi-Functional Tool

First on our list is Def Squid, a weirdly named yet incredibly useful app. Once loaded from the Amazon App Store, Def Squid offers several handy tools including a speed test for checking your internet’s download and upload speeds. This function is important if you’re having buffering problems or slow speeds. Although not always 100% correct, it’s a solid indicator of whether your internet speed is affecting your watching experience.

Besides speed testing, Def Squid offers a privacy check, a booster for improving your device, and a malware checker to ensure your apps are safe from malicious software. The handle part is another highlight, giving easy options to force stop or uninstall unused apps and clear out old files and cache, thereby boosting your device’s performance.

2. Downloader: A MUST HAVE!

Installing Kodi on the Fire Stick (2020 Devices) – IPVanish
The Downloader app, recognized by its orange logo, is more than just a web browser. It improves the process of downloading apps and files straight to your Fire Stick. You can enter custom codes to access websites fast, like typing “77382” to travel directly to a specific download area on a website. Downloader makes downloading new apps seamless, pushing it as a must-have for any Fire Stick user.

3. File Explorer: Access and Manage Your Files

Unlike the usual Amazon interface, a good file explorer app allows you to dig into the root storage of your Fire Stick. File Explorer, available directly from the Amazon App Store, is a simple, no-frills tool that lets you view, control, and install files from external drives or internal storage. It’s particularly useful for users who frequently need to handle various file types straight on their devices.

4. Retro Gaming with RetroArch

RetroArch on Steam

Turning your Fire Stick into a retro game device is possible with RetroArch. This app is a game emulator that supports multiple old-school platforms. Users must legally own the games to use their ROMs with RetroArch, which allows you to play old games like Super Mario if you own the digital rights. Pairing your Fire Stick with a compatible controller like the Bit3o wireless controller improves the game experience, making it a unique addition to your entertainment setup.

5. MX Player: Versatile Media Playback

How to install MX Player on Firestick or Fire TV 2019

MX Player offers powerful capabilities for playing different media files straight on your Fire Stick. Whether you’re watching files from a USB drive, network storage, or even a server, MX Player supports a wide range of video types. Its user-friendly design and extra settings improve the playback experience, making it an excellent choice for watching personal video collections.

Here is a guide on how to set it up on your firestick.


Expanding Your Fire Stick’s Capabilities

These five apps show that the Fire Stick’s usefulness goes beyond just streaming video material. From improving device speed with Def Squid to playing retro games via RetroArch, there’s a lot more you can do with your Fire Stick. Make sure to explore these choices and improve your experience. Don’t forget to subscribe for more tips and updates on how to get the most out of your streaming gadgets!




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